Tea Conversation

Our Philosophy

Quite simply, we live by the golden rule because we believe that everyone gets what they give.

Our Story

Blue Lotus is the culmination of our love of the simple things in life, an entrepreneurial spirit, surrounding ourselves with good people, and celebrating salt-of-the-earth values.  If you'd like to learn more about us, we'd love to tell you the stories of our journey over a pot of your favorite tea.  We also welcome you to join us on our adventure by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram.  Help us remind everyone of the simple joys in life by sharing Blue Lotus with your chosen family and friends.

The Humans of Blue Lotus

In a world that is becoming more digital and automated, we strive to celebrate the bonds that make us human.


Kim Aiken

  Owner ~ Tea Guru ~ Barista  

Kim believes that whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.  Kim's path into tea culture began in childhood with trips to Chinatown in Boston and various Asian markets in Connecticut with her Chinese grandmother, Ruby.  As a teenager, Kim would return from one of those trips to Chinatown with her first tea set.  As time went on, and with a few more tea sets added to her collection, Kim developed a passion for tea, its history, and the cultures that made tea the most popular prepared beverage throughout the world. This ultimately led to Kim's study and practice of the traditional and ancient Chinese art of Gong Fu Chá, which literally translates to "Tea, with Great Skill."

Whether you want to explore different types of tea, find the perfect teawares for making and serving tea at home, or if you just need some time to warm your soul with a pot of tea, Kim looks forward to infusing you with
tea, love, and happiness.


Scott Aiken

  Business Manager ~ Artist ~ Craftsman  

Scott has an engineer's mind with an artist's heart.  His mind seeks wisdom, clarity, balance, and serenity while his heart longs for meaning, creativity, beauty, and whimsy.  At times these opposing forces make for a restless soul, but most days it makes him passionate about all that he pursues.

When Scott isn't busy managing the back office for Kim, he loves to create things that make his heart sing.  Scott finds inspiration everywhere, and when he isn't wandering around flea markets, thrift shops, and craft or hardware stores, you will find him in his atelier making jewellery, upcycling found items, and creating other small works of art.  Scott hopes that whatever you purchase will bring the same amount of joy he felt while creating it

To see what Scott is working on or inspires him creatively, please follow his Instagram.

Join Us For Tea:

The Blue Lotus Tea Bar and Boutique is located in Details at
352B West Middle Turnpike, Manchester, CT 06040 in the Manchester Parkade.